Connected to your export business

EVS participates to the preparation, execution and follow-up steps of recurring exports, providing active support to the companies it collaborates with.

EVS maximizes the efficiency of the processes involved by simplifying them to gain clarity and quality, while keeping their specificity to preserve the company's differentiation.

EVS is based in Switzerland with offices in France, Hong Kong and USA. We also run venture projects with multiple companies and associations around the world to extend his service offer.

making it obviously simple

ONE company spirit ...

Bring energy and enthusiasm by approaching every situation as a new opportunity. Focus on the achievement of the agreed outcomes by aligning internal goals with the objectives of the mandates. Answer to all mandated issues by analyzing every mandate in a global manner. Answer to issues of different natures by constantly striving for excellence.

  • Excellence
  • Expérience
  • Passion
  • Professionnalisme
  • Proximité
  • Esprit d'entreprise
  • Fluidité
  • Résistence

Founded in 2000 and originally created within the automated beverage industry, today we can proudly say that EVS has established itself as a premium export management company which provides worldwide efficient and flexible services independently of the industry. EVS is not only partner of important companies such as Nestlé, but also runs venture projects with multiple associations worldwide to extend our services offer. We are based in Switzerland, with offices in France, Spain and the United States.